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Instacast 1.5 - Now with Support for Flattr

I am please to announce that Instacast 1.5 is now available, which is actually Instacast 1.5.2, because I made the mistake of not giving Instacast 1.4.6 the 1.5 sticker. But moving forward it would be silly to name every smaller update 1.4.x. So, we are continuing with 1.5 now. Actually this version is not at all a minor version. I made a few not so small adjustments behind the scenes and added support for Flattr.

What is Flattr? Flattr is a website for social micropayments. Pick how much you’d like to spend per month, for example €3. Then, whenever you see a Flattr button on a blog or website that you like, click it. Flattr counts up all of your clicks at the end of each month and distribute your monthly spend between everything you’ve clicked on.

Instead of finding the website of the podcast and clicking the Flattr button, you can use Instacast 1.5 to flattr podcasts and individual episodes. You can also choose to let Instacast flattr for you automatically once you start playing an episode.

For this feature to work in Instacast, publishers have to have a Flattr account as well and need to integrate their podcasts with the service. The last 2 weeks I worked together with some of the top German technology podcasters, who integrated Flattr successfully.

See also Supporting Publishers using Flattr.

I am also making Instacast HD 1.0.2 available today, which also includes Flattr as well as some minor bug fixes. Both updates are available today. If you like to send feedback, you can get hold of me on Twitter.

February 6th, 2012 • Permalink

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