Advancing Podcast Technology

Poodle - An Experimental Search Engine for Podcasts

I took the time this week and dove into the world of search engines. For one I am very interested in this world, but I also have some ideas that would benefit from a dedicated search engine for podcasts. I searched around the internet and didn't find anything that closely matches my ideas and works ok at the same time. So I figured why not dedicate a few days into making a small prototype? So I did.

You can check it out on The prototype currently only searches the Top 300 English and the top 300 German podcasts of the Instacast podcast directory which means around 50.000 podcast episodes. I am using this prototype to find out what I and other people are actually looking for when searching for podcast content. I am hoping that this information will help make Instacast and other podcast based apps better.

So far you can only search for a combination of words like "podcast app" or "podcast or app". A lot more is surely possible in the future. The link will redirect you directly to the publisher website.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Also let me know if you think that certain search results are not good enough for your particular query. After all ranking search results is a science in itself and takes a lot of optimizing, time and experience.

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