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Poodle Search Engine - Update

As I mentioned in my last post, I am working on a podcast search engine for which I like to give you a little update.

I added support for complex search queries. Instead of simply looking for some keywords, you can now specify in which field those keywords should appear. You can use wildcards in the form of a "*" and also facilitate a fuzzy search by using "~". Poodle is basically supporting the full Lucene Search Syntax. I will publish a full description in due time.

Another thing I started is indexing chapters. I am using the Instacast metadata reading technology to parse chapter information from the actual media files. This unfortunately takes a lot of time and a much bigger internet cable then what I have now. I am not sure if I can maintain this effort in a potential final product. That will greatly depend on the final maintenance costs which are not clear at this point. It would help a lot if every podcast publisher that also supports chapters would start adopting the Podlove Simple Chapter specification. And if you're not producing chapters at the moment, use the spec to indicate that you don't have any chapters by adding an empty <psc:chapters/> tag. This would speed up indexing a lot and would lower the performance needs and internet traffic.

What's great about the indexed chapters is, that you can actually click on the timestamp of a chapter and thus tell the target link to start playing this chapter immediately. This features builds on the Podlove Deep Linking spec which uses media fragments. If you already use Wordpress to publish your podcasts, consider using the Podlove Web Player wordpress plugin, which supports this method.

More updates soon.

If you have questions or feature requests, please let me know on Twitter.

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