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Up Next in Instacast 5

We had a lot of complains over the last couple of days about Up Next in Instacast 5. Up Next has been changed in Instacast 5 to make the app overall easier and less complex for novice users. A common question in Instacast 4 was that users couldn't find out why Instacast was continuing to play seemingly random episodes, that have been added to Up Next a while back and users forgot about it. One thing we did in Instacast 5 was to move the Up Next queue from a secondary view of the player right into the player and got rid of the Up Next list in the main menu, because we thought that a lot of users are not using it anyway. Apparently a lot of users are using it to the point that they complained that the feature was gone altogether, which is not true.

In a coming update, we will however change the behavior of Up Next slightly in order to make the feature much more accessible again.

  1. If you want your episode lists to play continuously, you should edit the list settings and enable 'Continuous Playback'.
    Episode List continous playback
  2. In the player, scroll up the cover to reveal the Up Next list (only available if there are actually episodes queued up).
    Up Next player
  3. Playing an episode from a subscription list will not remove everything that is queued up in Up Next anymore.
  4. The Now Playing bar is going to show how many episodes are being queued up after what's currently playing.
    Now Playing bar
  5. We're adding a fullscreen Up Next list which offers the ability to remove episodes from Up Next and bring them into a certain order.
    Up Next list
  6. A long press on the Now Playing bar will offer the option to show the Up Next list.
    Now Playing actions
  7. The functions 'Play Next' and 'Add to Up Next' are going to be consolidated into an 'Add to Up Next' function that will open the Up Next list and add the selected episodes to the beginning of the list.

We hope that these measures will improve the Up Next situation. These changes will be available today in our Testflight beta build. If you are interested in testing, please send us an email to beta(at)

October 31st, 2014 • Permalink

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