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Flattr Shut out from iOS Apps

If you were following the discussion on Twitter lately you might have already heard that I had to remove the integration of Flattr in Instacast. It wasn't inline with the App Store rules as so it seems. As usual Apple is not providing any information about its motives or about what I can actually do to play by the rules other than removing the feature. I can only speculate. It seems Apple does not want to have anything to do with donations. Maybe because there are so many black sheep out there trying to trick users into payments. That's understandable. Unfortunately in this case, where everything is opt-in, it hurts a lot of independent publishers.

I am currently in talk with Flattr about what we can do and I hope that we'll come up with a solution Apple can be appeased with.

Until then I am left with asking you to continue flattring through publisher websites.

May 24th, 2012 • Permalink

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