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Instacast 3.0 Available

I am happy to announce that Instacast 3.0 is available for download from the App Store. Version 3 is not simply an update, it's in many ways a whole new app. We modernized the very foundation of the application from the ground up, gave it a completely new data model, a new cloud syncing mechanism and a new iPad optimized interface. On top of that we changed a lot of small things that were confusing and too fiddly to configure in the past.

Refined User Interface

Instacast 3 has a brand new look and also removes a lot of friction. We thought about the interface a lot and tried to make everything much easier and reachable with fewer taps. Not only did we refine the looks, but also improved on how it works.

Built for iPhone and iPad

With this new version of Instacast, for the first time you're getting a universal app. Underneath iPad and iPhone app are the same with the same powerful built-in features. The only difference is the interface which is delightful no matter what device you're playing with.

Use of Modern Technologies

Not only does it look better it also feels a lot better and faster. We switched out old technologies like manual reference counting (like a stick shift) and SQLITE and removed them with automatic reference counting (like automatic gear shifting) and Core Data, the powerful object layer. We invested a lot of time into modernizing the app, but using these technologies makes the application more robust and also enables new features like our new Cloud Sync.

Cloud Sync

You know, I know it: Apps that don't have a working cloud syncing architecture simply do not fit into modern times. And our new cloud architecture will beam us right into the modern era of data ubiquitousness. It's a simple as making a free account. All your data is moved over the cloud seamlessly.

And More

There is lots more like a newly implemented online directory and push notification service, as well as a new way of auto-downloading episodes and handling its automatic deletion. This release is laying the ground work of future updates and improvements and defines the way the app moves into the future.

Instacast 3 is a universal binary available for iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 6 or higher. It's available for purchase from the App Store for $4.99. We hope you like it. If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ page or contact us on Twitter.

December 6th, 2012 • Permalink

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