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Instacast HD Rejected Approved


Instacast HD 1.1 has been approved and it looks gorgeous. From top to bottom optimized for the new iPad Retina Display. Also improved has been Support for Flattr and iCloud Sync. Please see blog post Instacast Improves Support for Flattr.


Today I originally wanted to tell you the great news, that Instacast HD has been updated for the new iPad and its Retina Display. While that is true, it's not available yet unfortunately. I did everything I could to be available on Day 1 this time, but it seems that giving your best is simply not enough when dealing with the iTunes App Store. Marcelo and I already updated the app in February, because creating all the new double-resolution graphics takes more time than a couple of days. So, last Friday I was able to send the update to Apple 7 days before the new iPad would be delivered. Should have been enough time to get the app approved, I thought.

And then the iron fist of a reviewer hit me who seems to be taking his job very seriously while not having any idea about the apps he is reviewing. The app has been rejected, because it displays an Apple logo as part of the 'Apple Keynotes' podcast. What? Hello? This Apple logo is displayed because it is being downloaded as part of a podcast feed. It's like using a 3rd party web browser, navigating to the Apple website and then seeing an Apple logo. The app does not ship with this image, it is being downloaded by the user on-demand. I am pretty pissed right now, as you can imagine. This was Wednesday night.

I replied to the reviewer right away using the iTunes Resolution Center, but haven't received an answer yet. Yesterday I took the time and filed an official appeal with the Apple Review Board, but who knows how long this process might take, maybe weeks.

This morning I finally thought, what the hell, if Apple does not want the damn logo to appear, I simply remove the 'Apple Keynotes' podcast from the podcast directory, did it and resubmitted the same binary. I now hope that I get a different reviewer who does not enter the URL to the keynotes podcast feed manually. I also hope that this will only take a few more days, but who really knows.

This was not the first time I was beaten by Apple, but this time the timing is quite unfortunate. I apologize to everyone who opens the new iPad today and have to look and bitmap graphics when using Instacast HD. I will certainly do my best to sort out this situation quickly.

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March 16th, 2012 • Permalink

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