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Instacast - State of the Union

What a tremendous ride! Last time I checked I just finished Instacast 1.0 to release it into the world. Now it’s already one month later. I just want to give you a short update what I’ve been doing since 1.0 and what I am planning to do in the next couple of months.

Instacast has been featured on a number of news and podcast publications like in The Cult of Mac, on Shawn Blanc’s blog, Minimal Mac and even Merlin Mann uses it. And you guys are giving it 4,5 stars in the App Store which means the world to me.

The feedback from you guys on Instacast has been great. The overall belief is that Instacast is a awesome app and it really redefines the way how podcasts should be consumed on a mobile device. Since I am a fan of doing few things but doing them right, the 1.0 of Instacast had just the feature set I thought was absolutely needed for making it work on a bigger audience. And so I was not surprised about the storm of feature requests that hit me. I am taking this as a sign that you really care about Instacast and want it to mature in a good way.

The 1.1 introduced some much needed features like audio speed control, on-screen volume control, auto-caching and authentication for member-only podcast feeds. After a series of bug fix releases, Instacast is now on the right track to mature and to grow the feature set.

The 1.2 release will add more sharing capabilities like integration of Dropbox, Instapaper, ReadItLater, etc and will also improve interoperability with other applications and services. Also there is always room for improvement on the technical side of things, like what I call Multi-Subscribe and Continues Playback. And I am also working constantly on the web server side to improve speeds and minimize loading times.

After this is done, the adding of features to Instacast will come to a break for a short period of time while I start developing the iPad version and over-the-air cloud sync. There is no release schedule yet, but as you can imagine, developing good apps take some time.

You can support development of Instacast by telling everybody how great it is, talk about it on Twitter and Facebook and by showing it to your friends, who still listen to podcasts on iTunes and sync via cable.

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