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There has been quite a demand in integrating websites with Instacast. So far you were able to use a special URL prepended with the „podcast“ URL scheme, to directly open a podcast feed with Instacast on iOS. On other operating systems and when Instacast hasn’t been installed, this link either did nothing or failed with an error message.

I am pleased to announce that we now have a better solution to integrate podcast feeds and websites with Instacast. With a simple HTML snippet, you can display a button that integrates seamlessly with other social buttons. The button can optionally display a subscriber count. This count only tracks subscribers that use the new Instacast 3.

The only thing you have to do is add this line into the head of your html page:

<script src='' async></script>

Then add one of the following links somewhere on your site, where it fits the layout.

To add a simple button with subscription count, use:

<a href=''

which will look like this:

To add a button without subscription count, use:

<a href='' 
class='instacast-button instacast-button-no-counter'></a>

which will look like this:

The link of the href attribute should point to the canonical podcast feed.

If you like to create your own link, e.g. when you are using simple text links or different button styles, you can do that as well. You should then link directly to the button landing page:

<a href=''>
Subscribe with Instacast</a>

which just looks like that:

Subscribe with Instacast

Small disclaimer: We are using an iframe to display the button. However we do not track any visitor activity and don’t create user profiles whatsoever.

December 15th, 2012 • Permalink

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