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Snowtape – Mountain Lion Ready

The release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is only a few days ahead and I am pleased to announce that I did everything to make sure that Snowtape will continue to work on the new operating system. In order to make it work I had to make a few changes to accommodate for the fact that Apple is changing underlying technologies rapidly. In fact Mountain Lion is so much different from Leopard, which was the first system Snowtape has be released on, that I need to make a dramatic cut and toss out some features that are build on older technologies to make room for new.

The first thing I did is stop compiling for 32bit architectures like the first Intel-Macs, because Mountain Lion is only running on 64bit architectures anyway, which means less to download.

Then I replaced the old-style code signing with Developer ID, which works in conjunction with the new Gatekeeper security mechanism.

I also removed support for Growl Notifications to replace it with support for the new Notification Center in 10.8. Growl has been the source of problems in the past and I am taking this opportunity to remove the dependency on a what seems to be an unreliable 3rd party product.

Another thing I had to remove is built-in support for AirPlay. Snowtape's implementation was build on reverse-engineered algorithms and deprecated cipher algorithms, which made the feature flaky and best and sometimes quite unreliable. I was also incompatible with a lot of 3rd party devices. The good news is that Mountain Lion comes with system wide built-in support for AirPlay. All you have to do is switch the audio output device in Sound preferences to the AirPlay enabled audio device of your choosing.

I also went over the code and replaced deprecated functions with new and modern implementations and were also able to improve reliability and performance a bit.

Snowtape 2.1 will be available from day one when Mountain Lion ships and you can download a beta today. Since the new version 2.1 is only compatible with 10.8 and up the current version 2.0.14 remains available for download for use with Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7.

Download Snowtape 2.1 (9.2 MB)

July 11th, 2012 • Permalink

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