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Snowtape 2.0 Available

The long wait is over. Today we are releasing Snowtape 2 into the wild. If you read our last blog article and visited our „What‘s new“ website you may already know what‘s new and I don‘t have to tell you that this new version is the bomb! Have a look at the new „product website“ to get the scoop on what‘s new and what has been improved.

Download | Purchase | Guided Tour

Demo Restrictions

The demo restrictions have changed. We felt that recording 60 mins max does not work anymore when recording in background with multiple sources. So we changed it to 15 min per recording session.

System Requirements

Snowtape 2 is built on top of the latest and greatest APIs that Apple has to offer, meaning 64bit, Grand Central Dispatch, Core Audio, Core Animation etc. Lot‘s of stuff that can‘t be used on older systems and older os versions. That‘s why we had to change the minimum system requirements to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Unfortunately this also means that there is no support for PowerPC anymore. I know that this is a disappointment for some of you, but supporting older systems in new software always comes at the expense of the user experience and this affects all of us.


Snowtape 2 is available in English and German. Support for French, Japanese and Russian is pending.

Data Migration

A lot of new stuff that we added to Snowtape 2 was only possible due to a complete overhaul of the underlying recording engine. This means that the new data model of recordings has changed completely. Unfortunately we couldn‘t come up with a migration method that can convert your old recordings into the new version. That‘s why we decided to create a new database folder and import all your radio stations. If you want to listen to your old recordings, you need to use Snowtape 1.x in parallel. You can download Snowtape 1.x here.

Purchasing and Updating

Purchasing and Updating couldn‘t be easier now. You can do both completely within the app. Just choose „Purchase Snowtape“ in the „Snowtape“ menu. You have the option of buying a single license or a family pack. If you like to update with a Snowtape 1.x license, you choose an update, click on „Update“ and enter your old license code. And here is a price table:

SingleFull Version$US 33
Family PackFull Version$US 45
UpdateUpdate from Snowtape 1.x$US 16.50
Family Pack UpdateUpdate from Snowtape 1.x Family Pack$US 22.50
Family Pack CrossgradeUpdate from Snowtape 1.x$US 30.15

Final prices may vary depending on the country you live in and the currency you choose. If you purchased your Snowtape 1.x license after August 1, 2010 you get an upgrade for free. We are sending you an email within the next 2 business days.

So we hope you like the new app. Enjoy!

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