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Snowtape for iPhone and iCloud

If you are a user of Snowtape for iPhone you might remember all the issues I had in getting it approved to the App Store. In summary it is not possible to get any recorded music out of your iPhone. It is not permitted to sync it to a different device nor is it permitted to upload it to the internet. And now the saga continues...

Last night, I got an interesting email from Apple about their upcoming iCloud services and their policies. The gist is that a user can choose to backup his stuff including application data to iCloud. This is all great. For this to work reliably and fast 3rd party developers are required to design their applications in a way that iCloud is not hammered with data that would easily be reproducable in different ways, e.g. by downloading it from its original source.

The message from Apple basically pointed out that Snowtape for iPhone stores the music in a location that would automatically be backed up to iCloud. As I understand there is no way for an application to opt out of iCloud backups but opt in to iTunes backups and as I understand it moving the music data to a storage location that is not backuped to iCloud also prevents it from being backuped to iTunes as well.

I can totally understand Apple and why they issue these policies and to be honest as an iPhone owner myself, I would not want it differently. In the case of Snowtape for iPhone it totally sucks, since it means that if you have to reinstall your phone in the future or accidently remove it from your device, you loose all your music. There is no way for us to backup the data in a different way.

As sad as it is, this seems to be another issue why I think Snowtape for iPhone has reached the end of the road. The whole concept does not seem to have a place in the iOS universe. In the next coming months I will think about if and how the concept of Snowtape can be changed to make a better and future proof product that still delights you.

By the way, Instacast works great with iCloud. I will have a post up soon.

September 16th, 2011 • Permalink

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