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Snowtape 2.0 Available

Ludwigsburg, Germany - September 23, 2009. Vemedio is announcing the availability of Snowtape 2.0. Snowtape is the missing iTunes recording function. The pleasure of internet radio is brought onto the desktop. Recording multiple internet streams in background and automatically downloading song information like title, artist, album cover makes the new version a must-have for every music fan.

Multi-Recording in Background

With Snowtape 2 the user can now record from multiple radio stations in background at once. With the new and vastly improved recording engine it is still easy to start a recording yet it is powerful enough to handle multiple sources simultaneously without slowing down the system performance. This has been accomplished by introducing the „Zero-Reencoding Recording Process“ which allows to record and edit compressed audio.

Recording Schedules

Snowtape 2 also introduces Recording Schedules. The user can program the new recording engine to record at a certain time in the future or to record the favorite weekly show.
Snowtape even wakes up the Mac, starts itself and records the show. After it has finished the Mac goes to sleep again.

Professional-grade Editor

The editor has been re-imagined from the ground up. Not only has Vemedio added audio waveforms but also zooming, scrolling and selecting. Extracting individual tracks form a recording is now also possible and in fact very easy, because Snowtape uses Audio Fingerprints to identify a song based on the audio samples.

Streaming to Airport Express and Apple TV

Snowtape 2 now fully supports the AirTunes protocol and is able to stream radio and recordings to an Airport Express or an Apple TV. The Apple TV also displays song information like song title, artist and the cover on the big screen. It can even stream to multiple devices at the same time.


Snowtape 2 is available in English, German.

Price and Availability

Snowtape can be downloaded at The software can be purchased online and via in-app purchase for $US 33.

System Requirements

Snowtape needs a minimum of Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, an Intel-based Mac and a wideband internet connection.

About Vemedio

Vemedio was founded in March 2009 as business for the development of pro- and consumer software in the area of digital media by Martin Hering. Martin Hering was for a long time the leading developer at equinux AG in the area of media applications, as well as being an independant developer for Mac OS X. In autumn 2009 Vemedio agreed to a strategic partnership with Applications Systems Heidelberg for marketing the software in western europe.

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