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Vemedio annouces the final version of Snowtape

Ludwigsburg, Germany – May 28th, 2009. Vemedio today releases the final version of Snowtape, which enables users to listen and record live internet radio with the touch of one button. Snowtape provides a rich user interface with beautiful crafted graphics and enables the user to search, sort and organize radio stations and recorded audio tracks.

„I am so pleased with what Snowtape has become.“, says Martin Hering, founder of Vemedio. „This is the first absolutely easy to use recording software for internet radio.“

With its high-performance database, Snowtape is able to store thousands of radio stations. Users can search for a particular station add it to the list and sort e.g. genre and bandwidth. They can also be marked as favorites. Snowtape is able to cut the recordings at audio track boundaries automatically and identifies potential commercials or interludes. With the built-in track editor users can cut out any interfering audio.

When exporting to iTunes the audio track is encoded to high quality AAC audio and saved right onto an iTunes playlist. Album artwork and track titles are automatically exported as iTunes audio tags and get incorporated directly into the audio track during export.

Snowtape can import .PLS and .M3U internet playlist files as well as .Webloc URL files. Users can also provide Snowtape playlist or stream URLs. It checks every URL and only imports those that work. Furthermore, Snowtape also understands media coming directly from iTunes. This means users can easily import a radio station onto Snowtape by dragging them over from the iTunes radio list.

Album Art and Addional Track Information
In most cases, Snowtape can download song metadata and album artwork automatically. Alternatively, a "Get Album Artwork" button searches the internet for available album artwork and presents it to the user for easy selection.

Snowtape provides a user interface that is quite similar to iTunes but with a new and unique look-and-feel. Resembling the interface of a hardware based recording device, Snowtape really makes recording audio fun, while always displaying only information that is relevant to the current task. web service
Snowtape includes support for the webservice. RadioURL is a service for shortening long radio stream URLs which can be sent via e-mail and posted in blogs and on Twitter.

Localization Snowtape is available in English, German, Japanese, French and Italian.

Pricing and Availability
Snowtape is available for download at It can be bought for 29. The demo version restricts recording to 60 minutes total.

System Requirements
Snowtape requires Mac OS X 10.5.2 or later, an Intel- or PowerPC- based Mac with discrete graphics and a broadband internet connection.

About Vemedio
Vemedio was founded in March 2009 as the successor of CocoaMade, formally known for itÊ»s video converting tool „XRay Video“. The company is owned by Martin Hering, who has been the developer of leading media applications at equinux AG for the last three years. Martin Hering founded Vemedio to develop a streamlined collection of home and professonal applications that make life easier and more fun.

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