Listen & record internet radio with Snowtape for iPhone and iPod Touch. Discover great music on the go and listen to your favorite songs whenever you want.

Listen and Record

Snowtape for iPhone and iPod Touch redefines listing to internet radio on-the-go. Choose from a variety of genres and select one of the high quality radio stations. While you are listening, Snowtape automatically records the stream, splits it into tracks and searches for album artwork. If you like a song simply select it and save it for later listing pleasure. Snowtape automatically filters out commercials and interludes.

Manage Recordings

Put your recordings into the „Recordings“ folder or create your own folders. Create playlists and listen to your favorite music on the go with the integrated audio player.

Playback Recordings

Play any folder as a playlist with the integrated music player while Snowtape continues to record in background. Repeat or shuffle tracks and enjoy the music.

Search & Edit Album Artwork

Change album artwork by searching for it, take a picture with the camera or choose a picture from your media library.
If you‘ve found the right picture use the integrated image editor to change the clipping using simple multi-touch gestures.

Adjust Track Boundaries

Using the integrated waveform editor, redefining audio boundaries is as easy as it can be. Use your finger to move the in- and outpoint of the recording and cut out the radio speaker and possible jingles.

Snowtape for iPhone is fully localized in English and German and partially localized in Japanese, French and Italian and can be purchased in iTunes or directly from you iPad.

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